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Fulfilling Dream of Life – Buying a new Car

Buying a new car and traveling around the city for thirteen years!

Fulfilling the dream at the last stage of life, buying a new car and traveling around the city for thirteen years!

‘As long as you breathe, as long as you breathe’. In our human life, we feel how much sadha wakes up everyday. But all the sadha is fulfilled! However, if the stubbornness of the mind becomes too much, then many impossibilities can be realized. Yes, the strength of mind, on the shoulders of which the 63-year-old resident of Mumbai stunned the world. He recently brought home a new Maruti Suzuki WagonR car. It may seem like a surprise? In this context, let me say that the 63-year-old ‘young man’ is driving the car with full vigor instead of driving it with a driver.

Buying A New Car
Buying a new Car

Buying a new Car

In fact, the opportunity to fulfill a long-held dream, which he did not want to miss at all. The post, published on the Humanities of Bombay page on Instagram, has more than 1.45 lakh likes. On the other hand, more than a thousand netizens have made various comments in the post. The gentleman wrote through the net that besides teaching his children to read and write, he also did not lose the ability to buy a new car without a handy car to carry the burden of the world.

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Six months ago, he planned to buy a handcart again. But it was the children who gave him the precious time and savings of his life that inspired him to buy a new car this time. Not only did his worthy children continue to inspire, they also bought a brand new Maruti Suzuki WagonR to surprise their father. When the car was delivered to their house, their father was amazed and overjoyed.

Buying A New Car
Buying a new Car

Fulfilling the Dream at the Last Stage of Life – Buying a new Car

The 63-year-old man responded by getting the car, “At 63, I finally got a new car. I feel young. My children gave me this gift, which is brought in front of me. Then everyone starts laughing! I was completely amazed! Then we all cut the cake together… I took everyone around in the car one by one. It will be one of the most memorable days of my life! ” He
He added that even though his grandson turned 26 on the day the car was delivered, he was still feeling the urge of youth.

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