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Google Announced: Android 12 / 12L for Big Screen Phones

Android 12 / 12L for Big Screen Phones

Google last week launched the Android 12 stable build for the Pixel phone. The twelfth version of the Android OS has a large list of user interface changes and new features. And now Google has announced Android 12L for large screen devices such as foldable devices, tablets and Chrome OS. Read on to learn more about Android 12 Developer Preview and Features.

Android 12
Android 12L

Google says, “Android 12L is a special feature that makes Android 12 better on the big screen.” The L-branded Android 12 OS has optimized and polished the system interface for large screen devices. The new UI changes will initially affect devices with a screen size of more than 600 dp, with new two-column notification backlighting, lock screens, and other system pages appearing on larger displays. Here is a screenshot with a new tint screenshot of Android 12L notifications.

Android 12L offers new multitasking capabilities, it has a new taskbar that allows users to easily drag and drop a second app to enter split screen mode, not only that, users can easily hide the taskbar whenever they want with a simple gesture.

Android 12L
Android 12L

The next major feature of Android 12 OS with a larger screen is enhanced application compatibility with improved visual enhancement and stability. If the app is not optimized for a larger screen, it will optimize the app for a larger display. These are some of the key strengths of the upcoming Android 12L, and we expect some more features to come with the new OS.

Android 12L Developer Preview

Android 12L Developer Preview has become official for developers for testing purposes. Developers can test and optimize their apps using the Android 12L emulator. Google has shared a timeline for the preview of Android 12L, with the first beta coming in December. According to Google, there will be three beta releases that will be released in December, January and February. We can expect the final release in March or early April 2022.

 Android 12L Beta
Android 12L

OS is going to hit big-screen devices like Galaxy Z Fold 3, Fold 2 and many more. The Android 12L beta for these phones will open in December.

Pixel 6 Pro
Pixel 6
Pixels 5a and 5G
Pixel 5
Pixel 4A (5G)
Pixel 4A
Pixel 4

If you’re a developer, you can go to this page and start optimizing your app for big screen smart devices.

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