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Apple’s New MacBook Pro Own Chips M1 –

Latest News Update - Macbook Pro M1

MacBook Pro Own Chips M1: The journey of the new Apple started with the new chip made by them. The 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros have their own custom built-in processors called M1 Pro and M1 Max.

It is available in the market from today. According to Yahoo Finance, the 14-inch model will be priced at, 1,999 and the 16-model will be priced at 2,499.

Features of MacBook Pro Own Chips M1

Its M1 Pro chip is 5 nano meters. It has 33.6 billion transistors, twice as many as the original M1. The company claims that its performance is 70 percent higher than the original M1. It has 16 GPU cores. Graphics performance is also double that of the original.

The M1 Max, on the other hand, has 56 billion transistors, three and a half times the original M11. It has 10 CPU cores like the M1 Pro, but has 32 GPU cores.

Apple Macbook Pro M1
Apple Macbook Pro M1

The company claims that the performance of their two chips is 1.6 times higher than that of 8-core PC chips and that it will run on 80 percent less power. As one, both chips in the 14-inch model are 3.8 times faster than the previous Intel Core i7 chip used in the 13-inch MacBook Pro. In the case of the 16-inch model, the M1 Pro chip is 2.5 times more powerful than the previous Core i9 chip, and the M1 Max chip is 4 times more powerful.

New retina display on MacBook Pro Own Chips M1

The new models have an edge-to-edge liquid retina XDR screen. And the rumor has been made true and the display has been made a notch display. With face time camera. The 16-inch model has a view area of ​​16.2 inches and a 14-inch 14.2-inch model. Apple has also added Pro Motion capability to its display. This will automatically change the refresh rate. Mini LED has been used in the screen. This LED is much smaller than other laptops.

Its keyboard is also new and the touch bar has been used here as before. The new ports include HDMI, 3 Thunderbolt 4, an SD card slot and a Megasave charging port. Its 1080p resolution FaceTime camera is twice as powerful as before in low light. Each model has 6 speakers and 2 Twitter. Along with that there are two high range motion ups for deep bass.

Latest Apple News Update

Apple’s newly designed MacBook Pro has a notch display with a webcam. Such a news can be seen on various online sites. The news first appeared in a post by a user of Sina Weibo, a micro-blogging website based in China. He showed that its shape is much closer to the iPhone-12. Meanwhile, Twitter user Donruio shared Weibo’s post. However, he said, “It may just be a rumor.” Another Reddit user made the same claim, citing supply chain sources.

Apple Macbook Pro M1
Apple Macbook Pro M1

According to news outlet Macriumer, it is not possible for the MacBook Pro to have the same width on all four sides of the display, including the notch at the top. The MacBook Air, designed with this notch display, could hit the market in 2022, the media said. However, the claim of this dance seems ridiculous, but the media’s own research shows that the new 14 and 16 inch displays have resolutions of 3024 by 1974 and 3456 by 2234. Subtracting the height of both by 64 pixels gives the aspect ratio of 3024 by 1890 and 3456 by 2160 as 18:10. This ratio is used in all of Apple’s recent MacBooks. So, excluding 64 pixels for the dance, this rumor seems to be quite acceptable. But on the contrary, there are many questions. For example, how Mac OS will control this dance. Because, this notch will eat the menu bar. There are many more such problems.

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Other rumors include a black keyboard, a little thicker than before and a larger fan. However, there is no good source for this, but such a rumor has already been found to be true. For example, Apple Watch at seven. And this notch is now a lot like Apple’s branding icon.

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