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What is Sterlink Technology and How does it Work?

What is Sterlink Technology?

Starlink is the internet technology of dreams. In today’s episode we will learn more about what Starlink is and how it works.

Do you live in a village? Can’t get internet speed on mobile? Is the SIM company tower too far from your home? Can’t even connect to Wi-Fi? Then I will tell you, being Starlink can be the future solution of your dreams.

What is Sterlink Internet Technology?

Starlink is a technology that allows you to access the Internet at the same speed in a village or town, at home or in the woods. And that internet speed will be many times more powerful than SIM data or Wi-Fi connection. Am I telling a story, what do you think? Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly – using Wi-Fi or a SIM connection. Come on, let’s make this story come true.

Surely you have heard the name of the smartest person in the world Elon Musk? He owns PayPal, an online lending platform. He started the project of Space X by selling PayPal. He also owns the Tesla Company. Soon he is going to bring a smartphone rather than a smartphone.

Sterlink Technology
Starlink is the internet technology of dreams. In today’s episode we will learn more about what Starlink is and how it works.

Are you surprised? I’m not telling the story either, click here to find out about Elon Musk’s future smartphone pie. So whatever it is, let’s get to the real thing. Elon Musk is also working on the Starlink project. In other words, my words are not stories, they are true. The project that he has given his hand to is the one that he has made successful in the world. He has many goals and objectives for the Starlink project.

The goals and objectives of the Starlink project

One of the goals and objectives of the Sterlink project is to provide high-speed Internet services at the lowest cost worldwide.

But what is the benefit of this project? Let us know. There is no internet connection in almost 50 percent of the world. If a provider provides internet connection in these 50 percent areas, then think about its benefits. Where millions of SIM companies occupy half the world and are so advanced today, imagine where Elon Musk’s Starlink could stand.

In other words, Starlink technology is going to cause a revolution. People in remote areas of the world will also be able to access the Internet at the same speed with the help of this technology. For example, a person residing in the United States can access the Internet at the same speed as anyone in Uganda. In other words, Starlink is a project to provide the same speed internet service at the same cost in all parts of the world.

Starlink’s goal is not only to provide worldwide Internet connectivity, but also to ensure high-speed, low-latency, and next-level Internet connectivity.

Why the Starlink project?

The satellites currently used by service providers to provide Internet services are called geo-stationary satellites. And these geo-satellites will not be used for the Starlink project. Sterling will use a low-orbit satellite.

Now, what is meant by geo-satellite and low-orbit satellite?

Geo-stationary satellites are about 35,000 km from the earth’s surface. Orbits the earth from stationary above. Low-orbit satellites, on the other hand, are quite different and are not as high above the surface as geo-stationary satellites. Rather, it moves endlessly from near the surface of the earth.

Sterlink Internet
Starlink is the internet technology of dreams. In today’s episode we will learn more about what Starlink is and how it works.

Due to the high geo-satellite, the cost of providing internet connection is high and there are many limitations. As we get to buy MB. On the other hand, if low-orbit satellites are used in the Starlink project, the cost of providing internet connection is less and internet connection can be easily provided worldwide.

And Starlink will be competing with optical fiber connection or Wi-Fi. Starlink can cause Wifi & Sim Internet connection to be lost at some point. And the latency of internet connection of Starlink project will be very low.

Well, I understand everything, but what is latency?

Many times when we are playing free-fire or pubzi, the enemy does not die if we shoot the enemy. Do you know why Morena? Because, even if your internet connection is high, sometimes the latency is much higher. Due to latency, it is too late for your bullets to reach the server and hit the enemy.

So high speed internet connection is very necessary in low latency And it exists in the Starlink project. So the Starlink project can gain a lot of popularity.

How does Starlink work?

The low-orbit satellites of the Starlink project are about 5,000 km above the earth’s surface, while the geo-stationary satellites are about 35,000 km above the surface. Therefore, through this low-orbit satellite, it will be possible to provide information or data at a high speed to the Starlink project. In this case latency can be only .31 seconds at first.

Low-orbit satellites use powerful laser lights to transmit information or data. On the other hand, the Wifi or Sim Data that we use, the information is exchanged through the light provided through the glass. That is, there the data speed can be reduced by about 40% (forty). Therefore, since the light at Starlink can run at its full speed, the speed of data exchange is much higher.

We already know that a low-orbit satellite will orbit the earth at a very fast speed. So the way the satellites run is very skillfully determined. If anything goes wrong, these will collide and the whole project will collapse. Therefore, it is not possible to express the work of the Sterlink project in words. As far as we know, so I shared with you. If you know any updates after that, you will be notified.

Current update of Starlink

Elon Musk created ‘Space X’ in 2015 for Starlink. The Starlink project will be implemented worldwide by replacing more than 42,000 low-orbit satellites on Earth. Now the work of Starlink has already started. A total of 60 satellites were launched in April this year. And many people call this step-by-step satellite sending ‘satellite train’.

Starlink is the internet technology of dreams. In today’s episode we will learn more about what Starlink is and how it works.

Currently, SpaceX has sent 100,000 terminals to 14 countries around the world for the Starlink project. Already 1600 satellites have been sent from 42 thousand satellites through Space X. Elon Musk’s goal is to launch 42,000 of his satellites into space by 2026.

Starlink internet service may come to India next year. It is expected that by January 2022, they will have a business license in India and will start work. Elon Musk plans to provide about 200,000 connections in India by December 2022.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, a document by Sanjay Varghese has revealed some information about the price. The cost of 1st year Starlink connection can be 1 lakh 56 thousand rupees. 1 lakh 15 thousand will have to be paid from the 2nd year. In addition, they will charge a one-time fee of Rs 36,400 for the installation of Starlink equipment. Of course Tax will be added on the price.

The last word
So far we have come to know of an unimaginable revolution. If Starlink works towards its goal, this revolution will indeed be achieved worldwide. Well, in the future with the use of the Internet in Starlink technology, we will not change?

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