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The Tesla Giga Factory Location, Latest Update & Address

The Tesla Giga Factory

The Tesla Giga Factory: Tesla Gigafactory Location, Latest Update, Texas Size, Opening Date, & Address! Gigafactory Texas on 7 April 2022! This is where the Cyber Truck and Model Y will be built! Just 3 days until the start of “Cyber Rodeo” and the grand opening of Giga Texas! So much activity, some finishing up construction for the big party (plants, “Cyber Planters”, concrete, paving, and more) and set up for the celebration (2 large stages, a Texas-flag Arrangement of Model Y’s in Red, White, and Blue, and so much more.

In the video introduction, we look at the current sizes of four Giga Factories and compare the main building footprint of Giga Texas overlaid onto Giga Berlin, Giga Nevada, and Giga Shanghai … a few surprises emerge! We also discuss the upcoming Giga Texas grand opening and “Cyber Rodeo” and several other related events!

Tesla Giga Factory
Tesla Giga Factory

Tesla Gigafactory Texas

Hard to believe it is all just 3 days away now! Finally, we look at a few selected highlights from the drone video that are important to look out for during the main video! These include the arrival of the first Tesla Semi-truck at Giga Texas, an inside look at the rear of a Model Y, verifying the rear package shelf is included, and west side Rodeo setup activities! Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk revealed today that the “GigaFest” event at the Tesla Giga Austin plant in Texas is scheduled for April 7 (he first said April 1, and later corrected it to April 7).

The event is expected to gather thousands of Tesla enthusiasts (most likely after upfront registration) in a joint celebration similar to the previous one held in October at the Giga Berlin site in Germany (the plant is still under construction, without the final permit). The Tesla Giga Austin event probably will be a great opportunity for the company to highlight some of the latest solutions and display the 4680-type cylindrical battery cells as well as the structural battery Pack.

Tesla Inc
Tesla Inc American Electric Vehicle
Tesla Inc
Tesla Inc American Electric Vehicle
Tesla Inc
Tesla Inc American Electric Vehicle
Tesla Inc
Tesla Inc American Electric Vehicle

The Tesla Gigafactory Texas Location:

Source Wikipedia: Gigafactory Texas is an automotive manufacturing facility near Austin, Texas, under construction by Tesla, Inc. since July 2020. Tesla began production before the end of 2021 and plans for volume production to begin in 2022. The factory is planned to be the main factory for the Tesla Cybertruck and the Tesla Semi.

Location: Austin, Texas
Built: 2020‒2022
Owner(s): Tesla Inc.
Area: 3 sq mi (8.5 km2)

Gallery: Tesla 4680 Batteries

Tesla 4680 battery

Hopefully, we will see some key elements of the production line related to the mega castings (single-piece front and rear car structure). A big thing would be to test drive the new cars at a test track.

Only time will tell what exactly will be on display, but we are pretty sure that it might be one of the most interesting EV events of April. After all, Tesla is the world’s largest EV manufacturer, and the Made-in-Texas Model Y should be its latest and greatest product.

Tesla Giga Texas Grand Opening is Tomorrow, April 7th:

If you remember, two days ago Torque News reported that Tesla Semi also arrived at the Austin Gigafactory. The Cybertruck and Semi’s arrivals suggest that Cyber Rodeo guests will see the Tesla vehicles up close and personal during Giga Texas’ grand opening. “The Cybertruck’s appearance at Cyber Rodeo makes sense. After all, Giga Texas will produce the Cybertruck, and it has been quite some time since the Tesla community has seen Elon Musk’s cyberpunk post-apocalyptic pickup truck up close.

Tesla battery

Plus, the name of Giga Texas’ grand opening event is probably inspired by the Cybertruck,” writes Maria Merano at Teslarati. Now, we should expect the full display of the Tesla fleet at Giga Texas and perhaps some big announcements about the future status of Cybertruck’s production. What are some of the questions you would like to be answered by Tesla about the Cybertruck?

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Video, photos, illustrations, and commentary on this video is by me, Joe Tegtmeyer unless otherwise annotated. Music in this video is obtained from the YouTube free and unrestricted and royalty-free use library. The ending song is Mr. Sunny Face – Wayne Jones Drone flight over Giga Texas is with permission of Tesla & CEO Elon Musk

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